Sunday, July 11, 2010

corals & peaches .. lipsticks

i knew i was more of a peach girl than a pink girl the moment i put on a peach toned lipstick .

& summer means lots of peach & coral toned .. well, anything ! especially lipsticks :)

i still suck at capturing the real colors on camera, but i think im getting better ! but i thought i'd add another picture in a different lighting . the colors are a LOT more vibrant in person !

in order of my preference,

my first ever peach toned lipstick was YSL's rouge volupte #26, tender peach . this is my peach toned lipstick for ALL YEAR around . everyone knows about this lipstick & i, too, fell in love with it & it became my hg lipstick . this is actually my first & only hg product so far, i love it to pieces ! just wish it would last longer on my lips ..

my newest favorite is rimmel's lasting finish in crush, 202 . i actually had this for a while, it was patiently waiting in my lipstick drawer until i was tanned enough for this shade . its AMAZING with bronzed skin, paired up with stereo rose !!! instant beachy summer look ! first time i wore it, i kept on looking at my lips in different mirrors with different lighting cuz it amazed me how pretty this lipstick can be ! i think it just MIGHT be my summer hg lipstick . its definately been in my regular rotation for a few weeks now . oh, not to mention it lasts a long time (~4 hrs) when worn with tony moly's plumping lipgloss !

my next favorite is MAC's shygirl . its extremely similar to rimmel's crush but a bit more peach toned nude whereas crush would be more coral toned . i think its a little more easy to wear than crush . i had this for a while now too but was never in my regular rotation since all my attention were held by blankety during winter/spring . at first i kind of cringed at that little frostiness . i HATE HATE HATE frosty finish on my lips . but with darker tanned skin, it creates a perfect effortless summery look . i just hate how creamsheen lipsticks tend to tilt in the tube and nick on the side of the lipstick . bleh .

NYX's round lipstick in vitamin . this is such a vibrant coral, pink tinted color . it almost looks scary bright in the tube but when its worn, its not at all ! it does have that frosty finish i dont like but frostiness is forgiveable with tanned skin ! everyone knows NYX lippies .. well, i love them too !

cello's #14, pink tint . i dont know why this is called pink tint unless they meant coral with fuschiaish pink tint . i got this when i was in korea . its a cheap brand that i just got cuz it was cheap . it smells soooo bad !!! it smells like old school lipsticks that my mom used to wear in the 90's . i'd love to wear this since the color is so pretty & wearable, but my nose doesnt let me whenever i bring this near my lips . so .. boo .

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D said...

These lippies look amazing. I'm not much of a lipstick person but I can def. see myself wearing these nude shades!!